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Appointed Representative regime changes
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Appointed Representative regime changes
09-08-2022 / Register / Paul Jay

Appointed Representative regime changes

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What is the


Experts in financial services regulatory solutions

We partner with our clients to provide bespoke and tailored strategies  that deliver compliance as a by-product of high quality business processes.

The group is controlled by three Directors, supported by a dedicated head office team and regionally based consultants, whose primary objective is to deliver pragmatic support and assistance that addresses both business objectives and regulatory commitments.

We have worked under numerous regulatory regimes and have an excellent working relationship with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

From small businesses to FTSE 100 companies, our clients are spread across the UK and overseas.

Our earliest clients remain loyal. Experience has shown that working closely with firms allows us to gain a full understanding of requirements and better anticipate problems.


Focussed on the financial services industry, ATEB Compliance provides regulatory and risk management strategies while ATEB Suitability revolutionises your report production.


ATEB Compliance

At ATEB compliance, we specialise in exactly that – no fancy add-ons or gimmicks, just countless years of regulatory experience and a track record of delivering smart solutions. Our views are aligned to those of the FCA and we are regarded as a firm of the utmost integrity.  We have significant senior management experience and extensive technical knowledge, married with real life business experience.


ATEB Suitability

The only constant is change, be it cultural, political or scientific. Our industry is no different: RDR, MiFID I, MiFID II, SM&CR, all acronyms for a whole heap of work. ATEB suitability is embracing technological innovations and driving the development of automated and innovative report writing solutions. FCA compliant suitability reports every time, that are the most comprehensive in the industry, efficient and repeatable, but tailored and personalised. This is the only report writing system you’ll ever need. 


ATEB IT Solutions

ATEB IT Solutions builds on the success of ATEB Suitability by utilising the powerful software engine that drives our report writing system to deliver diverse document creation solutions across various industries. With an interactive and intuitive built-in wizard, it allows for repeatable outputs every time, regardless of the number of data sources, geographical locations or authors. A truly innovative product.


With a range of complimentary skills, the directors have developed a business model that builds on a wealth of financial services experience. The marriage of regulatory knowledge and technical expertise places ATEB at the cutting edge of the industry.


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“Anticipation of FCA requirements and transparent presentation of your methods is fundamental to maintaining a compliant business.”

David Anderson


“That’s the thing about people who think they hate computers. What they really hate is lousy programming.”

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“Compliance is a by-product of a high quality process”

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